Quick Search BoxからOpenMetaタグを編集できるプラグイン:QSBOpenMeta


そこで(?)、Google Quick Search Boxから簡単にOpenMetaタグを付与・編集できるプラグインQSBOpenMetaを作ってみました。QSBOpenMetaをインストールすると、QSBでファイルを選んだ時に出てくるコマンドのリストに"Add OpenMeta Tags"というのが現れるようになります。Addって書いてあるけどDeleteだってできます。

download(Updated! v1.0.3: fixed some bugs... DON'T USE OLDER VERSION!)


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  1. This looks great! But unfortunately it doesn't work for me :(
    I placed the plugin in ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Quick Search Box/PlugIns but don't see the 'Add OpenMeta Tag' option if I select a file in QSB

  2. I found some bugs and fixed them, so please try it again.
    If it still doesn't work, please check the following points:
    1. whether QSB recognizes QSBOpenMeta plugin (you can check at the "Debug" pane in QSB's preferences panel.)
    2. whether some QSB's logs are in
    The path you placed the plugin in is right!

  3. Thanks, it works now :D

  4. I forgot to say that maybe it should say 'Add/Remove OpenMeta Tag' rather than "Add OpenMeta Tag'?
    Anyway, thanks again :)

  5. download doesn't work any more ...

  6. The server is temporarily crashed.
    Now available.

  7. Hmm. QSB seems to recognize it in the debug menu, but still it does not show up when I try to actually use it.

  8. Oh. I can get it to work as long as I first allow QSB to find the file, and then select "more." But I must say, this is not a very convenient way to tag files. I was under the impression that one simply needed to select a file and then invoke QSB to get to this option.

    Very nice work though! Thank you.